Split Guitar - Radiation calculation by BEM - OpenBEM

This project was carried out following my first semester project and focuses on the validation of 3dB gain sound field radiated by a guitar whose soundboard is split in the length: the Split Guitar . He was mentored by François Ollivier (Jean Le Rond d'Alembert Institute, team MPIA).

The purpuse of this work was develop tools that would allow to calculate numerically the acoustic radiation of the soundboard from the field of vibration determined by finite element method in Cast3M in a parallel project conduced by Arthur Givois. The numerical calculation of radiation implements an Open Source code: OpenBEM. This code is subject to validation for simple structures whose radiation is known analytically as shown in the example below first.

It is then used to calculate the influence of a few modes of the guitar. An important intermediate step was to interface the finite element model of vibrations with OpenBEM.

The results were summarized in an article available here.